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Mental Health Services Kangaroo Point

Anxiety, depression, bipolar and other mental health conditions impact millions of Australians each year; unfortunately there’s still a stigma attached to talking about these issues publicly.

The professionals at Kangaroo Point Medical Centre understand the sensitivities around these topics and offer the following services:

    • Mental Health Plans (more information below)
    • Mental Health Support
    • Mental Health Referrals

If you’re thinking you may need to speak to one of our GP’s regarding your mental health, you can make an appointment below or by phoning 07 3391 8008

Book with GP & Create Mental Health Plan

What is a Mental Health Plan & How Can it Help You

A mental health plan is a plan that your doctor writes for you to help you deal with and manage your mental health condition. This plan will help you gain access to psychologists and other allied-health professionals who can ultimately help you manage your mental health.

When you write a Mental Health Plan with your GP, you’re taking a snapshot of your mental state at a point in time, and this can be used to refer to medical health professionals like psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, occupational therapists etc.

You’re entitled to a Medicare rebate of up to 10 consultations with a mental health professional, including Psychologists, Social Workers or Occupational Therapists, once the Mental Health Plan has been completed. 

Book with GP & Create Mental Health Plan