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Carpal Tunnel Pain Affecting You?

We can now offer treatment with recovery times up to 5x faster than traditional surgery.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is extremely common, north of 50,000 cases in Australia each year.

The main symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are tingling numbness and pain, particularly pain at night. 

If the condition is severe and left untreated Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can lead to permanent damage to the nerve. This can lead to permanent numbness in the hand and also weakness in the hand. Particularly damage to the muscles in the thumb. 

If your efforts to get conservative treatments have failed, including splinting, and steroid injections  and symptoms continue to persist, you should seek advice on surgical treatment to reduce your risk of ongoing damage to the nerve.  

The micro-blade,  is a needle-based device with deployable scalpel and is produced in the The USA. It is used to cut the carpal ligament under ultrasound guidance in a revolutionary new procedure that will be the future of carpal tunnel release treatment. Same day consultation and procedure treatment is now available.

To make the treatment as widely accessible as possible we are now offering same day consultation and procedure using the revolutionary i-Blade Ultrasound-guided technique.  

Need Treatment?

Have you tried conservative measures to relieve your discomfort? Splints and Steroid injections failed?

We are offering new patients a consultation and treatment performed in the same visit, making it easy to travel and get relief fast.  

Find out how Kangaroo Point Medical Centre can help you get relief from your Carpal Tunnel discomfort today.

Using a small needle sized instrument with a retractable blade, to get the same results as open surgery or endoscopic surgery but with significantly reduced recovery times.


  • Only ONE needle-sized hole
  • Guided by external ultrasound
  • Fast Recovery time
  • Option for both hands at once


The MICROi-Blade is inserted through a needle-sized hole under the ligament.

The micro-iblade,  is a needle based device with a deployable scalpel, and is produced in the USA. It is used to cut the carpal ligament under ultrasound guidance. Under general or local anaesthesia, the micro-iblade will be inserted to cut the
transverse carpal ligament using ultrasound to guide the procedure. The procedure will take up to 45 minutes to complete after which you will have a light dressing or band-aid on your wrist. You will go home the same day.

We can also offer a same day consult & procedure to help patients who need to travel to receive treatment.


Slowly cut the ligament using Ultrasound to guide the proceduralist.

We cannot guarantee or promise that you will receive any benefits from either open surgery or micro-invasive surgery; however possible benefits from this micro-invasive treatment are likely to include:


• Faster recovery due to minimal
surgical site
• Less pain post-surgery
• No painful scarring or stitches

• The main nerve to the hand (the
median nerve) and major arteries
can be identified on ultrasound and
the tool directed to reduce the risk
of inadvertent damage.
• No incision in the skin required


Retract the blade and remove the MICROi-Blade through the needle-sized hole.

Possible risks, side effects and
discomforts include:

The techniques of ultrasound
guided carpal tunnel release and
use of the micro-iblade are new.
Complications of any form of carpal
tunnel release, including open
surgery may include: bleeding,
infection and inadvertent damage
to other structures such as the
nerves to the hand or the thumb.
This damage can be permanent.
With any carpal tunnel release
there will be pain after the
operation which can be prolonged.
There may be an increased risk of
only having partial release of the
carpal ligament. This may require
another procedure to complete the
release on another day.

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